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So many things.

So I wrote a thing and Lisa over at Luna Luna magazine published it.

In a matter of about ten minutes after I posted it I was inundated with angry White Lady Tears.

And then while I was on my way to work I dropped my protein/snack bar thingy, I lost one of my beloved 8g steel swan earrings AND I am having major sinus issues right now.

On the other hand.

I got a book in a book giveaway, the other responses to my piece at Luna Luna have been fucking awesome. Lisa made me feel super welcome and I can’t explain how much I appreciate that.

Self Care Like a Boss V2.0 is about set to launch tomorrow and I am SUPER excited about what I have done.

Someone I admire a lot who does not internet a whole lot, said some stuff about my work last night that just- y’all. I sat at my desk at work trying to fight back tears while beautiful things were being said to me and it was great.

I’m a little overwhelmed that really great writing things are going on, that is just part of my personality.

So to keep myself from having a melt down or panic attack (WHO the fuck has happiness panic attacks? I have had enough of myself right now) I am going to do the finishing bits on V2.0. Get the cover ready. Write up the listing.

And okay here are some links.

Y’all know I love me some Mensah and he has teamed up with Literary Orphans for an all Black issue of LO. Go check out the call black folks. No I’m serious. Lynx and a few others of you I know are lurking. GET ON THAT. Also FYI the background of this page moves around and there is an autoplay so be prepared.

Go listen to this interview with the magnificent Antonia Crane.

Um okay that’s all for right now I have so much work to do and my face hurts.

Later taters.

Holy wow stuff is happening.

Okay so already 2014 is turning out to be both awesome and overwhelming.

So the first thing was that Dena interviewed me for Luna Luna magazine.

Then I got a poetry acceptance at The Camel Saloon. I’ll let y’all know when it’s live. Also read that spot it’s good.

AND today I found out my essay from Literary Orphans is going into their anthology.

Holy shit.

I am to put things in internet parlance full of feelings I don’t know what to do with.

Glee. Fear. Nervousness. Expectation.

I’m having a hard time rebalancing work days with time to write. I’ve been tired. I get frustrated and ragey and full of feelings.

I am also frankly panicky.

So I’m trying to deal with myself.

AND you can buy a brand spanking new story in my Etsy.

Something happened, and another thing.

This year has started off pretty fucking good outside of insomnia to the point of hallucination (YAY ME) and I’ve already fallen down once.

First up my friend Dena interviewed me for Luna Luna Magazine and you can get it here.

Also I got my first poetry acceptance in forever. I am pretty stoked about that.

I am three rejections deep into the new year. One stung like a son of a bitch and two were super complimentary.

The shit balances out.

Uh other than that nothing super new is going down.

I have been writing some flash. I tried some noirish gangster flash. It’s not particularly a story-story but I like it.

I need to get to going with submissions and shit. I feel like I need to rearrange my writing time. Do I want to wait until I get home where I want to just go the fuck to bed or do I bring Bloop (my computer) with me and write somewhere for an hour at night and thus make my day outside of home go up to 14 hours?

Probably the former. My partner got me an adorable lap desk and I will get myself one of those bed recliner pillow things.

I will be updating my website here soon and please don’t forget. Women writers, if you know wo

I Wrote a Thing and it was Hard.

Remember the super important thing that made me vomit and freak out and whatnot?

It is live. Head over here to see my piece in Literary Orphans via Anna March’s new column Anna’s Foundlings.

Honestly I am still feeling uncomfortable that people are going to read it. I don’t mind looking like a total asshole in my non fiction work. I don’t mind if people think I’m a total bastard.

What does completely undo me is feeling emotionally naked. Writing about Blackness in such a personal way leaves me feeling like I want to shart, vomit and fall down.

So basically I was doing it real right.

This part sums it up:

This is not what I wanted you to know.  This is not what I wanted to write. I wanted to write about how much I love the Dune saga, I wanted to tell you how hard I squee about Star Trek. I wanted to be beautiful and eloquent.

I feel like I failed at beauty and eloquence the same way I do in day to day life. Sometimes all I have is emotional blabber that pours out of me and then I have feelings and I don’t know what to do with myself so I get angry.

As hard as that piece was to write and show to anyone, I am going to do this again. As a friend said, I’m a masochist.

So how about some other stuff to read?

Via the darling and wonderful Frances Varian I found out the also talented and wonderful Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha is doing some awesome things in workshops. Go check that out on her website here.

The talented Eugie Foster (I talked about her here) has cancer and needs help. Get details here. Go to her blog here, buy her books. Tell people the things.

If you are a lover of SF/F type stuff and love podcasts go here and listen.  The Pod needs help.

Zander Vyne has a new book out at Burning Book Press. Fine ass erotica. I’m familiar with Zander’s work and really dig it. Pick it up/read about it here.


Speaking of fine Erotica go read this at Remittance Girl’s blog. Just do it.

Also by Remittance Girl over at the ERWA blog she posted an interesting thing about POV. Go read it.

So that’s all for right now.  The dayjob is making me feel vaguely suicidal and I have work to do.

Hopefully soon I’ll make it through my epic to read list and do some new reviews. As always if you have stuff to read or you think I’d be into drop me a link in the comments.


Busy busy busy.

Ready for the self promotion post of the week.

Okay first I have brand spanking new non fiction up at Gravel.  This little piece is one of the little things that could, it got rejected a lot and I had honestly forgotten I’d even sent it to Gravel. And then boom there it is.

Next I have a piece over at Fuck Fiction. Another one that was out in the wild for a long time before it got caught. Check that out here.

I realized yesterday I’m pretty fresh out of material to send out so I’ll be not submitting for a few weeks while I shiny up some new stories.

I also (finally) updated my website. I will have to update again in a couple of weeks because I think I have two new things coming out next month or so.

Per usual get everything else to read or buy from me here.

Also if you had planned to buy something from me via smashwords may I encourage you to do so now? I’m saving up to fix my teeth (I’m praying before AWP) because my left front tooth basically snapped in half. The fix I’m saving for is cosmetic because I’m really tired of being so self conscious when I smile. To get my teeth really fixed fixed is going to be about 15-20K and a few years of frequent work. 

So yeah.

I’ve so far saved p i[ 45$ out of 800. 

A few people have suggested I do another gofundme thing I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about that. 

I’m incredibly stressed out about it. I’m embarrassed, I’m trying so hard to save up. I wish you could hear the noise I just made. If this had happened in January it’d be fine. But yeah Summer is lean blablabla. Working poor blablabla.

Fuck me. Basically.

I’m imagining this will wind up as more fodder for too personal essays.

So yeah. Go forth, buy if you like.  I fixed my paypal donation button.

Now if you will excuse me I’m off to go write like a mother fucker.

It’s not that dire.


Admittedly I’ve been wallowing in my own emo intellectualism. Yes I just made that up.

I have also been wallowing in ragesads.

Also made up but totally accurate.

Some folks seem to come away with the impression that ALL the writing things are breaking my heart.

They aren’t really. Sometimes due to my previously mentioned painful self awareness. Ahem.

When I am otherwise depressed and exhausted the one thing that takes over is said self awareness and it hurts.

I do feel better.

And things have been weird. One of my front teeth snapped and I need to save up (as of yesterday) 770 dollars to get a cosmetic fix it until I can afford to get to the lengthy process of really fixing up my teeth.  Luckily I recently stocked up on a bunch of personal care and household shit so yeah.

To that end if you have 5$ you can totally buy both titles I have up on Smashwords right now.

What else?

Next month I have new fiction coming out in Animal, Nonfiction in Gravel. And the flash anthology from Solarcide Sinthology is coming soon too. I just about ten minutes ago signed off on edits and my contract.

I’m also so close to the 100 rejection mark. I am so so close about 6 away. I have a large reserve of feelings about it so that post will be a doozy. And I’ll make the whole list available to view as a page. And then start over.

What else?

OH right so AWP is coming here to Seattle next year and I have been invited to read with some other folks.  I am hoping I have my teeth situation under control and I’m pre-emptively nervous. I’ve never been to any kind of conference sort of thing like this and I don’t know how/what to do.

So yeah.

Have any of y’all who read here done the whole AWP thing? Is it scary? What about those of you who might not be widely known? Shit I’m making myself nervous.

That’s all for right now.

I’m okay. Sort of. I’m still in yet another bad insomnia cycle so my moods and whatnot are unstable. I owe several people super tardy emails. I’m working it out.

Thanks for riding along people.


More Indie Adventures

With the cheerleading of my bestie I have published one of my essays at Smashwords.



From my smashwords blurb:

A short essay on telling Whiteness no from the perspective of a pained Black woman. Specifically about how White people talk about young people of color in the news, Trayvon Martin, Rachel Jeantal and Kiera Wilmot. Warning there is racialized language in this piece.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago in response to a lot of media, other essays and posts on social media by upset White people.

I will probably publish more of this sort of piece myself.  Readers so far have responded. I wasn’t sure about doing it this way because admittedly my luck having other people publish stuff like this had been limited. That aside, I do like what I’m doing so why not?

I have the means. I’ll do it for myself.

I feel like in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict this message is necessary.

That’s all for right now. Feel free to share the link as you please.

Hey guess what?

I have new stuff out.

Holy shit right?

Things are moving along nicely this year. I feel like with the sublime addition of my little gifted computer that could (her name is Bloop) I have settled into a really nice rhythm of working.

So new stuff?

Let’s go.

In print (and ebook etc) you can read some pants melting shockingly hetero smut by me, pick up the July issue of Infernal Ink.  Here’s a bite of my story Firestarters.

The fire quiets itself for a moment before it roars. I feel the waft of hot air against my face and
my knees almost buckle. We can hear things inside the building starting to crack and fall. Something crashes and one wall wavers, as it starts to slowly
crumble into the gaping orange maw of the fire I feel his fingers on my clit.

He holds me around the waist with one arm and I grind against his fingers.
“You are a special kind of nasty aren’t you? What part gets you hot? The heat? The flame? The
destruction? Being bad?”
This is a story all about arson, new beginnings and some hot nasty nasty dirty sex.
Next up a mood switch. I’m super proud to be in the new issue of Looseleaf Tea. Find my story Bridget Approved Blackness. This story is about being Black and surviving a mentally ill parent. With a few brushes regarding respectability politics, hair and getting through. Here’s a taste:
That is my whole life.
My Mother held the reins on my Blackness as if there was an off switch. Get out of that sun before you’re too dark; let me perm your hair you look like a wild bush woman.
Don’t wear those disgusting earrings, why are you dancing like that.
Never ending.
Read the zine here at issuu.
I’m super proud of that story for a lot of reasons. One of the things I love about it is that I played with the tenses in what I hope is a fairly subtle way. I wanted to give it the immediacy of first person present tense but, with a bit of distance on it. I want it to read the way memories play in your head.
Um other news.
I wrote a little sci fi-ish thing and it just isn’t working for me. A couple of younger/just starting out writers I know asked me if I’d like to talk about how it isn’t working for me/what I’m doing with it and I will probably do that sometime next week.
What else?
OH HOLY shit check this out:
Pending Submissions: 5 2 1 2
Sent Past 12 Months: 58 35 14 9
Sent This Month: 1 0 0 1
Acceptance Ratio: 30.2%* 33.3%* 27.3%* 20%*

My freaking acceptance rate is over 30% right now. Holy shit.

In my race to 100 rejections, I logged #88 the other day. I’m still hoping to hit 100 by fall. I’ll post the whole list here when I get there.

It is about the time of year where I make some Big Swing submissions to my most favorite magazines. The ones I read while rocking back and forth in my chair mumbling, let me love you WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME…a la Annie Wilkes. But I promise I won’t keep any of you captive or cut off your foot. I’m not quite that nuts.

Tomorrow I’m going to be reviewing my friend Dena Rash Guzman’s fine book of poetry Life Cycle.  All I will say right now is go buy it. Right now.

Okay that’s all for now. I only slept about two hours last night and I feel not okay.


Stuff I have planned.

I’ve been organizing things and decided to do a couple of things.

First thing is I want to put together a proper little poetry chapbook. I can’t afford a print run but I will be offering it on smashwords. I have a cam and might do a little video reading for it.

I am going to do this mainly because most of the poetry I’ve written in maybe the last three months or so isn’t entirely a good fit for any of the magazines I read so there we go.

I also am still skogging away at my little erotica book. So far it’s about 8k words all in or so. I’d like to do at least another 30-40k or so. Make it a nice little thing.

I just picked up a neoprene case thing for my little computer Bloop so I can get some work in either before I go to the dayjob or after. It’s also waterproof and I’m really happy about that.

I have some new short pieces almost done and ready to be launched into space. I just logged rejection #86 the other day and that was pretty cool. I also got an acceptance for Animal. I am so excited about that one y’all. I don’t know when it’s going up but I’ll let you know.

Also I’ll have a story in Infernal Ink. Arson and hot hot sex. It’s even heterosexual sex holy crap.

I think that’s all for right now. I want to get out a couple of submissions tonight.

Thank you again K. This little computer Bloop has made such a huge and beautiful impact on my work. Thank you.

Self Promotion Monday.


Okay first up I have a new story out in the latest issue of Yellow Mama.

Here’s a taste:

The White boy keened in the back of his throat, Jorge prodded his bleeding face.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, yes, El Diablo. I heard about you in my Frat house.”

“You murder my language, kid. It’s La Diabla, diabla. The feminine. A girl. You was wrong. You understand me so far, gringo?”

Have some hood noir for lunch, get it here.


THUGLIT Issue 5 (Volume 5) I’m in that too holy crap.

Read me doing spec fic in the April issue of Expanded Horizons. 

And yes these are affiliate links so use or don’t as you please.

These two little kindle items are my small collections of homeless words. Both editions have stories and poems. Each piece is presented essentially as it came out of my head. Most have a little statement type deal talking about how each one was born.

Wayward Words: A Collection of Homeless Words. Vol. 1 and Wayward Words: A Collection of Homeless Words. Vol. 2. The Flash Edition

So whoop whoop.

Consider this my epic read all my words post for the week.

That’s all for right now homies.


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