100 Rejections.

So finally it has happened. A while back I decided to keep a list until I hit 100 rejections. Here it is in alphabetical glory. I’m starting a new one with a new goal of 150. Let’s see how long it takes.


Publication title. Genre Response Date etc
13 Myna Birds flash fiction 1/23/2013 withdrawn
Absinthe Revival exp. fiction 2/28/2012
Ad Hominem flash fiction 5/19/2012 withdrawn/never responded
Anderbo flash fiction 2/24/2012
Apocrypha and Abstractions flash fiction 2/15/2112
Atticus Review flash fiction 9/18/2011
Auxilliary non fiction 10/13/2013 no response
B Side Magazine flash fiction 2/10/2013
Bare Root Review flash fiction 2/20/2012 withdrawn/never responded
Behind Closed Doors poetry 5/15/2013 withdrawn
Belletrist Coterie flash fiction 9/29/2011
Black Fox Lit Review flash fiction 10/24/2011
Blackberry Lit non fiction 7/11/2013
Bloom short ficton 6/3/2013 withdrawn
Bone Bouquet poetry 6/11/2013
Bone Parade short fiction 10/7/2012
Bop Dead City poetry 5/3/2013
Brevity Poetry review Poetry 12/26/2012
Broad flash 11/28/2012
Burner Mag mini essay 3/18/2012 no response
Busk mini essay 9/19/2011 never responded
Camroc Press poetry 12/10/2011
Camroc Press flash 8/8/2012
Cease, Cows flash fiction 7/24/2013
Cezanne’s Carrot flash fiction 12/14/2011
Clutching Straws poetry 11/6/2011
Coming Together F/F Submission erotic short fiction 5/6/2013
Corium Flash fiction 4/8/2012
Corvus short fiction 11/24/2011
Counterexample Poetics poetry 11/9/2011
Crack the Spine short fiction 1/24/2013
Curbside Splendor flash fictoin 6/29/2013 withdrawn
Damselfly Press essay 3/26/2013
Dark Sky fiction 2/16/2012
Dirtflask flash fiction 3/16/2012
Drabblecast short fiction 2/12/2013
Dressing Room Poetry Journal Poetry 6/4/2013
dust.bin flash fiction 10/10/2011 withdrawn
Elimae flash fiction 9/11/2011
Epiphany Mag non fiction 6/26/2013
Eunoia Review flash fiction 10/10/2011
Eunoia Review flash fiction 2/20/2013
Everyday Genius flash fiction 8/19/2012 withdrawn/never responded
Fiddleback short fiction 6/4/2013
Fix it Broken flash fiction 12/14/2011 withdrawn
Frigg fiction 3/3/2013
Furious Fictions flash fiction 10/14/2011
Fwriction short fiction 10/30/2011
Fwriction flash fiction 7/30/2012
Gertrude Press flash fiction 1/20/2012
Girls with Insurance flash fiction 6/14/2012 withdrawn/never responded
Indigo Rising poetry 9/11/2011
INterrobang poetry 1/22/2012
Jersey Devil Press flash fiction 5/5/2013
Knockout fiction 2/10/2012
litbomb fiction 8/27/2013
Little episodes short essay 9/9/2012
Melusine flash fiction 3/18/2012
Menacing Hedge fiction 9/25/2012
misfits miscellany poetry 6/13/2013
Momma Tried non fiction 5/22/2013 withdrawn
Momma Tried non fiction 10/3/2013 formal rejection
Mudluscious flash fiction 11/5/2011
Necessary Fiction short fiction 4/7/2013
Neon flash fiction 9/29/2011
Out of the Gutter Online flash fiction 8/8/2012
Postcard Shorts flash fiction 8/4/2013
Psuedopod short fiction 7/11/2013
Pure Francis flash fiction 10/26/2011
Pyrokinection poetry 6/19/2013
Quickly flash fiction 5/3/2013
Rattle poetry 6/13/2013
Read Fiction flash fiction 10/31/2011 Withdrawn/never responded
Red Fez essay 2/10/2013
Red River Review poetry 6/19/2013
RudeGirl Mag flash fiction 6/5/2013 no response
Safety Pin Review poetry 12/9/2012
Smoking poet poetry 5/20/2012
Spilling Ink flash fiction 10/19/2011
SquawkBack short fiction -they don’t send rejections
Staccato Fiction flash fiction 10/24/2011 withdrawn
Strange Horizons fiction 8/8/2013
Subliminal Interiors poetry 3/26/2012 withdrawn/never responded
The Monarch Review fiction 8/19/2012
The Rumpus Non fiction 7/9/2013
The Rusty Nail flash fiction 12/6/2012
The Whistling Fire essay 12/9/2011
thenobantuproject non fiction 8/30/2013
Two serious ladies Exp fiction 3/4/2012
Unshod Quills non fiction 2/25/2013
Up LIterature flash fiction 3/26/2012
Up LIterature flash fiction 2/21/2013
Visceral Uterus flash fiction 5/13/2013
Wigleaf flash fiction 8/19/2012 withdrawn/never responded
Wilde magazine fiction 6/5/2013
Word Riot Flash fiction 9/10/2011
Word Riot flash fiction 2/21/2012
Word Riot flash fiction 11/30/2012
Word Riot non fiction 7/4/2013
Yes Poetry poetry 9/18/2013

6 thoughts on “100 Rejections.

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  2. cigartinstories

    I never counted — just stuffed them all into a plastic folder. Which is now bursting. (I’m dating myself with the age of paper, I guess.)

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  5. Amanda E

    This is a great and inspiring thing (inspiring because I don’t write enough, submit enough, am prone to excuses and so on…)

    Keep it up.

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