New Writing, old writing and whatnot.

First things first. I’m starting off the year with a piece being published, pardon my horn tooting but this is the second year in a row that has happened and I am quite pleased with myself.

Check me out here in Gutter Eloquence Poetry mag.

I am extra tickled about this because, I am not what I consider to be a real poet. I write word things, normally on the bus or when I’m unable to write anything else.

What else?

2010- a recap.

There are some authors I have discovered/rediscovered.

Stephen Elliot. I had read a few bits and pieces of his work before but this year was the first I read his work. It’s really good and I highly suggest it.

Roxane Gay. Her writing is lovely and her blog is very enjoyable. Read it.

And of course there is Dennis Cooper. Whom I’ve loved for awhile and really he’s a sweet sweet person and his writing is gorgeousness.

There are more so come be my friend on GoodReads.

What else?

I launched my author website. I hemmed and hawwed about it for months and went ahead. This was more of a big deal for me than was strictly necessary if I’m being honest. I have a problem thinking I haven’t yet done enough to warrant a website or whatever it is that I come up with.

This year I intend to stop doing that to myself.

I’m also going to celebrate when I do things I find scary.

Such as. I have officially submitted three pieces of non fiction. This is an emotional thing I have. I can blog about my fucking cervix or tell the entire universe that I almost peed myself but submitting personal essays and working on creative non fiction still freaks my shit right out. I’m working it out though.

I would also like to submit more this year. This year I think all in I made about 19 submissions. I’d like to make a lot more this year. This means more writing, more time to sit down and do my research etc.

This is possible because my best friend gave me her old laptop which I am so excited about. This will free up some dedicated writing time for me on weekends away from home. Probably at Denny’s down the street from my house.

So in a nutshell I’m calling 2010 a successful writing year for me. I hope this year is even better.


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