Oh my..the queerness.

I am a queer identified person.

As a gay friend recently put it I am Queer As Fuck.

For a long time I tried very hard to keep the queerness out of a lot of my writing. I tried to keep my heterosexuals very heterosexual and my queers queer.

Recently I have been working on a bit of genderfuck heterosexual in um…theory smut and realized to my own bemusement that even my straight people are pretty fucking queer and that’s fine with me. It’s more than fine it’s delicious and this story (as it’s limping along, Gods but it’s taking forever to finish) is an extension of and expression of how I express my queerness.

If I’m going to be fancy, I want to help show people through my writing views that they might not think about. It does thrill me when someone tells me that despite some squeamishness something I’ve written turned them on. Back when I had a piece published at Velvet Mafia and I received several emails that did not believe me to be a woman I was thrilled.

When I write, smut especially one of my goals is to bring the reader into my dirty brain. I love it when my friends tell me that my stories are weird but gave them wood or made them feel uncomfortable and still turned on.

Once I finally stopped trying so hard to censor or stop myself from going dark places or places I thought other people would be uncomfortable my writing and how I write has improved so much.

I may not really do a lot of work these days trying to get my smut published but god damn do I love writing it. An excerpt. Monday I’ll see if I am finished with it enough to discuss the dynamics of the relationship I’m exploring here and the inspiration.

For reference, Sir is the cisgender female in this relationship who as you may surmise is armed with a strap on. And the boy is her cisgender male partner. As is frequently usual, I’m writing this from the male’s POV.

“Did I tell you to speak boy?”

“No, n-no Sir. No Sir.”

“Good. Now shut the fuck up and take it like a man.”

I start to tremble when I feel the lubed head of your cock pushing against my hole, I try to tilt my hips but it still hurts a little. You ease into me, I can’t help but buck back at you a little bit. I’m too eager now, I can’t stand your slow skilled tease.

For someone who only has a cock when she is in the mood you are among the best cocksman I have ever known. From the tightest tenderest first timer to the nasty greedy bottoms we play with on occasion everyone remarks upon your skill.


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