Small successes and things I obsess over.

So I’m very happy to announce that I have more publications to talk about.

My tiny version of a love story is up over at Every Night Erotica. I wrote that quite a while ago while thinking about the lives of some of the kinky people I know and what a small portrait of their love stories might be and there it was.

Coming up there’s also going to be some more smut in This Magazine. Another tiny piece I’m super excited about. I wrote it from one of the prompts at Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

The thing I’m most excited about though is I’m going to have an essay in Junk Lit. Holy fucking shit. This is the first of my essays that I’ve sent to a zine where I haven’t already been published in and have a relationship with the editors. The editor said some really wonderful things and I’m honestly floored.

This creative non fiction thing for me has been weird and difficult. One one hand I can blog in my personal blog about everything, I am a chronic oversharer. Personal essays aren’t difficult for me to write but they are difficult for me to formally submit.

I went through the same thing with literary short fiction. For a long time I only ever submitted erotica and the odd poem because I knew I had some firm footing there.

Just like with literary short fiction this is something I’m going to study and figure out.

Also you should read Antonia Crane’s blog. I really like her writing.


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