Mistakes editors make.

Recently, an acquaintance of mine passed along my contact info to a friend of hers who is trying to launch an erotica website.

That sort of thing is just the sort of thing I’m into. After a couple of email exchanges the editor asked to see a work in progress I have that I described to her as genderfuck edgeplay kink.

Now, I know that often my tastes in kinky things can be a little much for some people. I like things that freak people out when they are sexual. Violence, fucking with gender roles, etc etc. Being that I am very well aware of this I do like to give people who don’t know me well adequate warning.

In this case I asked specifically if she would be bothered by a story that opens with the narrator inciting a violent state in his girlfriend that has a very domestic violence feel to it, for purposes of some serious dirty kinky sex.

She said she was looking forward to it.

A little while ago she sent me an email wherein she firstly said I am a sick person then went on and on about how the story glorifies domestic violence, about how no straight man ever would engage in strap on sex with his girlfriend, about how “disgusting” it was that he called her Daddy.

Okay, I get it she didn’t like it and that’s just fine. Had my email address not been summarily blocked this was my response to her.

Dear {Information Embargo},
I’m sorry you were offended by this story as it isn’t my intention in writing it. If you did not like it, you could have simply said so without resorting to attacking me on a personal level. The fact is you don’t know me and you did tell me after I explicitly warned you, that you wanted to read it. The “point” of this story is not about domestic violence. This story is about the exploration of the energy and dynamic of a potentially violent situation. It is about, the joy that can be had by screwing around with gender roles.

Also, I suggest that before you make bold statements about your idea of heterosexuality you learn something about men. Anal stimulation for a man has got nothing whatever to do with sexual preference. Men have what is called a prostate and many men get incredible pleasure from having it stimulated which can include being on the receiving end of anal sex.

I really don’t appreciate having my time wasted. I don’t appreciate being treated unprofessionally and I most of all don’t appreciate the homophobic language you used. You may not have “meant it like that” but it is the attitude you were conveying.

Blablabla signed Shannon.

That’s the email I tried to send her that bounced so I assume I’ve been blocked.

Now a note to editors and prospective editors.

Dear Editors,
Please for the love of fluffy fucking bunnies if you disapprove of, don’t like, are upset by something an author sends you don’t go straight for name calling. A simple I can’t use this, this is not appropriate for my magazine etc will suffice.
Love Shannon

Dear Writers,
When this kind of thing happens to you, I urge you to reel in the urge to publicly flay the offending editor by name/name of publication. Use caution. Don’t pick a fight simply because someone doesn’t like your work or can’t see the flaming brilliant light that is your genius. If your feelings are hurt that’s fine, but don’t lash out because you are butthurt it’s not a good look. If you can’t decide whether or not it’s a good idea to publicly flay an editor by name, ask a trusted friend an give them all of the information.
Love Shannon

Good lord what a day. I am a bit amused though, this is the second time in my life an editor has made it personal and I don’t have hard feelings. I’m tuckered out and frankly have too much shit to do.


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