What’s next?

As I am writing more things that are outside of fiction I’ve discovered I have come to a point where I need more tools.

I have mentioned it before but I currently use the submission manager at Duotrope and it’s fantastic. But it’s only fiction and poetry.

I stumbled on the website <a href="http://iwriteassistant.co.uk/&quot; target="_blank"iWrite Assistant. It is a very simple web application and I am going to try using that for a while and see how things turn out.

My next problems are as follows. Most of the market research I’ve done is pointing towards the conclusion that I’m going to have to pay reading fees. The thing is I don’t have an issue with that in and of itself but, I don’t have extra money for that. Also a lot of magazines still don’t take electronic submissions so I”m going to have to pay money for postage. If I want to do better/more in depth market research I have to start buying more zines which I also don’t have the extra money for.

I find myself again in the position of trying to decide if I want to keep myself in ground coffee to make at work or do I want to do the work to maybe get published? It’s been more than a decade now since I really have had to deal with this and it still bugs me.

The other problem I’m having is I really just don’t know how people get into anthologies when they aren’t already a popular author or blogger? I am a blogger yes, but I don’t have hordes of readers and I’m frankly not on a lot of radars.

Also the things I blog about are not the things I write essays about necessarily.

I’m not buddies with academia. I don’t already know a lot of people in positions to put me in the right area to get opportunities.

I remember feeling this way about short literary fiction years ago and it still sucks. I’m frustrated but trying to work through it.


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