When the markets are scary.

I’m trying really hard to start submitting more often to markets that I am intimidated by.

Today I submitted to two, it took me all damn day.

Despite my growing confidence in my voice as a writer, I still have moments of deep stabbing self doubt. There is this vein of irrational thought where I let these bizarre scenarios roll out in my head. It’s never anything remotely feasible it’s just irrational fear.

There’s also this contradictory love of certain markets that manifests itself in the idea that I should not be screwing with them by submitting to them. That’s something I’ve been working really hard on getting over because it does nobody any good.

I’m calling today a victory. Even if both items get rejected I did it and that’s really what counts at this point.

So this brings me up to 3 submissions thus far this year. I’m a little behind what my goal was. Being sick most of January buggered my schedule but good. I’m really looking forward to things I have coming up. Details when they are live as they come.


2 thoughts on “When the markets are scary.

    1. Mostly markets that I read regularly and always have amazing content. It’s not entirely that I doubt my skills it’s more like feeling in awe of what they do and being too shy to say oh hey look what I can do. It’s weird. I’m also really still feeling tentative about non fiction markets. I will tell everybody everything but getting over the process of getting into the markets is hard and scary.

      Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I’m kind of a big ole chicken ass.

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