Self Promotion Thursday.

I’m still learning about this self promotion thing so lets just do this.

Okay first up I’ve got a story up over at the Flash Fiction Offensive.

I’m super excited about this one because it was sitting in the slush pile through two editors and had previously been rejected by about 6-7 others because they were uncomfortable with the subject matter. It’s about racism and the one time a Black woman hears the words Black Bitch and she loses her shit.

Several people have asked and no I have not as of yet beat up a stranger for calling me a Black bitch but I’ve been pretty close.

Next, I have a piece up over at Children, Churches and Daddies. I think I already posted that one but here it is again.

Those are my two latest. I need to update my website with the info. I’m also doing just a slight redesign. I’m going to add tiny descriptors I think.

Okay I’ve exhausted my self promotion energy for now.


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