First rejection of the year.

I received my first rejection of the year. Not a form I believe. I think that story was just not the one for that mag but, I was told to try again which I probably will in a couple of months.

Two of my favorite women Hazel Dooney and Remittance Girl both had recent blog posts that struck me lately.

As RG put it:

Well, fuck. You want stroking? Get someone to give you a hand job.

Writing takes years.

You see why I love her so much aside from the fact that she is a damn fine author?

There was a period of maybe two years when I was 18 or so where I thought becoming a writer would just you know happen. I thought I’d wake up one day and crank out a fantastic first draft of the Great American Novel.

That is bullshit.

Writing is fucking hard.

I work very very hard at this. I bleed I weep it is really fucking difficult and I honestly can be put into a flaming rage when people flippantly talk about writing. I take that shit personally.

This is one of those issues I am incapable of discussing with people who have tender feelings. I can’t be reasonable or logical. I just get angry because it hurts me when people assume that it’s easy.

That’s all for right now. I have a short weird love story to finish. A tidbit under the more cut.

I didn’t want to love Emily. When I saw her looking at me I tried to run away and get lost in the party. Girls that look like Emily often say things to me like,

“do you get tan lines?”


2 thoughts on “First rejection of the year.

  1. I’m very honoured, Shannon.

    I admire you greatly for possessing an incredibly strong ad unique voice of your own. It speaks of your hard work and your care and your amazing development as a writer.

    It also means that you might get a few more of those rejection letters, because you’re not going to fit in just anywhere – and that’s a mark of good writer, too.

    Don’t let them make you feel like your writing isn’t good. It really, really is.

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