I was talking to a friend yesterday about how much I’m enjoying listening to full cast audio performances of the unabridged Dunebooks. I read them all when I was a youngster and as I am hearing them now I realize that they had quite an effect on me.

The language in the Dune books is really beautiful. Herbert used words from other languages and religions to create a very interesting language.

I have a love of that myself. For me it has evolved into using cooking terms, other things that may not traditionally apply to a situation but that I will use anyway because I enjoy the taste in my mouth.

Another of my influences is Stephen King. It always makes me laugh a little when writers get their panties in a bunch about Stephen King. The main reason I’ve always loved his books is the way he puts people you might know into these incredible situations. I love his use of the Yankee (North Eastern American) vernacular and accents. I really still love that about those books even when after 300 pages you want to pull your hair out.

I have also always loved and revered the people who write things that hurt. Memorists, poets etc.

I used to struggle with this but have accepted that I love fucked up people because I am a fucked up person.

Later today I’m going to listen to this documentary at KEXP about Jim Carroll and try not to cry. I met him at a show in Seattle at the old Croc. I was really nervous and couldn’t really say anything except that I loved The Book of Nods and that I loved him. He squeezed my hand and smiled at me. I went home weeping.


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