I Write Like A Mother Fucker.

Last night I went home intent on finishing a short essay and I sat staring at it for twenty minutes. I’d read a lot of really badly written articles yesterday in search of some fashion related information and I felt awful.

I read things that I know people got paid well for and went into some kind of self hate spiral that by the end, I decided that I am all things awful when it comes to writing. I had to reel it in.

I reread one of my favorite writing related anything on the internet. Sugar’s column ‘Write Like A Mother Fucker’, then I decided to call it a night and play some stupid games.

Today I woke up with the reminder to myself that the only way it’s going to get done is to do the damn thing.

I will write like a mother fucker.

I will continue doing what I’m doing.

I’m fine.

I remember a time when a moment like that probably would’ve sidelined me for weeks with self doubt etc.

Now I need to get back to work. Also check out this author xTx whom I’ve been following around the intertubes apparently as I keep seeing the name in places I like. Also excellent writing. Go forth. Read.

And do like Sugar says. Write Like A Mother Fucker.


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