A new rejection experience.

I’ve gotten three super quick rejections. I have to admit that getting rejections way ahead of the average estimated time (yes I use Duotrope) is kind of disconcerting.

I have those moments where I think, oh shit should I apologize for sending that? Am I going way off of my mark lately? Am I misfiring here?

I felt like that all day yesterday. I rolled around in my wow I’m really dumb thinking that X magazine that has already published this and that person have any interest in any of my bullshit.

I’m over that.

I also had a snarkier than necessary note from an editor after I queried as to the state of my submission. It’s been well over three months, the website hasn’t been updated etc.  I really don’ t understand why or how it would have been so hard to simply say, yes we did get your submission, there is no word yet. Or no we didn’t please do/don’t resend.

It’s not rocket science.

I realize that I’m not a recognizable name.  I realize that my publication credits are not long or extraordinary by any means. I also realize that the short fiction market is vast and chock full of people just like me.  All that said is it that fucking hard to at least have some manners?

Another thing I’m kind of mystified by is apparently there’s some ‘new’ manuscript format? I have seen this mystery new format alluded to by several editors in various places around the internet, there’s always the air of well you should know because well you should.

I’ve googled and I’ve come across at least five differing opinions on the “correct” manuscript format. I find it really off putting that people assume a writer has been in college recently. It’s a position of major unexamined privilege and it’s exhausting.

Okay I’ve yammered enough.

For the three people that read this, I have some super exciting news. My delicious friend Sarah (go buy her rehab diaries)  are going to do THINGS that I am going to post here. I’m working out the details before I get it with her. And I have ideas for other THINGS involving other writers I know.

Also book reviews. I have some.

Now I have to get back to work. I have to go about a new round of submissions including the story that everyone but me hates.  Someone else will love it. God damn it someone else will. Also while we’re here please go read ‘Girls with Eating Disorders’ by Roxane Gay who is another one of the lady writers on whom I have a bit of a crush.

That’s all.

Back to the grind.




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