Rejections and publications.

I got two rejections over the weekend. One from a magazine I submitted  to last year. Currently my rejections seem to be running a bit faster than the averages listed on Duotrope.

I find this troubling and I’m thinking that my thinking is going sideways.

Or I’m having a usual kind of author crisis where I think my writing just sucks.

It doesn’t really matter because I’m going to resubmit both pieces along with one other one I finished up the other day.


In far more exciting news my essay at Junk has finally gone up and I am so proud of it I could burst. I worked really hard on it and the editors have been so wonderful.

Ridiculously proud of myself for this one.

What else? OH right I have some things in the works that I am so excited about. I am going to post some interview type things with authors I know personally and who I love. I am so happy even though the little story I love keeps getting rejected.

Okay bye now.


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