An acceptance and some other things.

I just got word I will be in Amaranthine Muses later this week. I’m excited about that it’s an experiment on my part. I’ve been writing small strange love stories that are my flavor of love story.

Also um, this just astounds me. Why an author would (under her actual name) behave that way in public is so far beyond me.

I feel embarrassed for her I really do. I hope she learns from that debacle and never does it again.

Don’t people realize how fast that sort of thing travels? How awful.

In not awfulness news go read Antonia Crane’s last entry here. It’s really beautiful.

I’ve been trying some new things with my writing with fairly good results. I submitted my first 140 character (tweet length) story. I’ve been experiencing a few things in the short fiction market that just baffle me.

What else is going on?

Oh before I forget my friend the ever fabulous Clint Catalyst posted a call for submission today. Go look.

Go read this piece in Six Sentences by Amanda Paul. I really like it. I’ve been reading that zine for quite a while and I really enjoy what they publish.

I am so tired. I stayed up really late last night working on submissions, I wrote a flash length thing and started some rewrites but by then it was almost 3 AM and I hadn’t eaten anything. Despite being extraordinarily thankful that I have a day job that mostly pays the bills and keeps my partner and I housed and fed, sometimes I really wish I had more time for writing and the associated tasks.

As I say often to myself too many words not enough time.

Lately I’ve also been having more fatigue issues as is usual for the season change.

Gotta keep working though. Keep hustling.

Time to get back to work.


2 thoughts on “An acceptance and some other things.

  1. Thank you Shannon. I love reading your lovely prose. Congratulations on your acceptance. I just got rejected from The Sun yesterday. So, I will submit to them 50 more times. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m up two rejections for the day and I’m feeling a little stalkery now that I realize one of the zines I’ve submitted to four times in the last three years.

      Also embarassing tidbit, I squee’d so hard when I saw you left a comment I startled my coworker who is fairly used to my random squees.

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