More rejections and amusement.

Two more rejections for the day. One I’m not at all surprised about honestly. I tried an experimental thing and it didn’t quite have the impact I intended.

I’m rewriting that one a little bit. I will say it’s nice that the editor recognized that I left out a bit of punctuation in one spot with intent and he got it. That is gratifying to me.

So that was a good rejection and I will be trying again with them.

The other rejection is not a good one. The essay in question was about me stealing a straight boys girlfriend. I sent it to a paper zine on the recommendation of a friend of a friend.

Two things. The editor did not read the essay through. Which is fine but to pretend like she did, that bothers me. One of her reasons was that I didn’t follow the guidelines for queer content. Which means that she didn’t read to the third paragraph where I talk about doing the sexy things with this girl and the subsequent situation.

I would have preferred if she’d just said she didn’t like how it opened and didn’t read it.

I suppose it’s just as well because I had a way better idea of how to present the story. I started hand rewriting it on the bus as a cautionary tale for young straight men. There’s a new audience for me. Straight people.

Now back to work. Enough of my cranky for one day.

Note to self: write post about music+writing tomorrow.


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