New fiction and the usual confessions.

First thing. My story at Amaranthine Muses is up here.

Lately I have been writing a lot of tiny strange fictions. I have been developing my long standing love of nameless faceless narrators who only want you to know/feel what they know/feel. I think I’m getting better at it.

That particular story is also (as I reread it for the eleventy forty seventh time) really sweet. It’s odd yes. But very sweet and I had to pat myself for that.

The lick of paranoia. Since I started using Duotrope I have become kind of okay really obsessed with how long things are out. I get itchy when things take longer than usual or shorter than usual. I don’t really know what to do witht hat.

Also being that I keep reminding myself that this place is my all things creative confessional, I must confess my nerdiness.

Dorky thing. Lolita is on my all time top five list of books I will never ever not love. Also because it’s a translation I own five different copies. Five. Not including the audiobook as read by Jeremy Irons (Ah..good god when he says. Lo-lee-ta oh my heart breaks. Hear a sample at Audible) where was I?

Copies yes. Of the copies of Lolita I’ve read, the one translated by Nabokov’s son seems to be the most lovely.

I forgot what my actual point was. I found a snippet of the book on Google and sat here slowly devouring the sentences and feeling all warm inside. Oh that language, so beautiful.

(Light of my life, fire of my loins…sorry I can’t help it.)

I have work to do.

First things to read.

I only started reading elimae last year and frankly I’m obsessed. I would like to be in that magazine. The new issue is beautiful.

Also see this essay in Pank. Yes I’m obsessed with that one too. Don’t even get me started.

I’m awfully tired. My body is angry with me in a variety of annoying but understandable ways. I’m hoping today I can get some new words done. I’m in a state though so I may just do some editing and whatnot.


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