March wrap up books, rejections, etc.

First close your eyes and listen to this reading of ‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’

If you are a fan of listening to poetry being read by a man with a beautiful voice. Subscribe to his channel.

I currently have 8 pieces of fiction out. There are 2 non fiction pieces in the wild.

I believe I received 5 fiction rejections and 2 non fiction rejections. Most of those were personal rejections that were all very helpful. I know what I need to work on.

So far this year I’ve submitted to at least four publications (rejected from most) that are more challenging than those I’ve submitted to before. Good rejections, encouraging rejections.

I feel good about what I’m doing.

Being that I am submitting more I’m noticing some things in the short literary fiction market that bother me to no end. Mainly the huge number of specialized formatting requirements. On one hand I understand the need/want to reduce the number of bad submissions. Subtle ways to make sure that authors have read ALL the print.

On the other hand, it gets tiring to reformat, submit, get rejected, reformat, rinse repeat. Also, some of the things I’ve seen. For instance a zine I read, the editor made a long and windy post preaching manuscript format. That’s great. I dig that. BUT, when I read their formatting requirements, manuscript format they were not. They were also not any kind of understandable internet formatting requirements. And they didn’t take attachments and trying to do formatting magic even in rich text email is just not worth it to me.

Book news. I read ‘Ugly Man‘ by Dennis Cooper. If you don’t know I am in love with Dennis and his writing and have been for years. He’s also a lovely person with fantastic tastes in boys. I remember listening to his interview and reading about this book on an old episode of Bookworm and I wasn’t disappointed.

I also just finished reading a Charles Bukowski Reader. I’ve already read probably 95% of his published work and I’ve never read a reader type collection. I was kind of skeptical but once I was finished I realized I really do like the way it was put together. I like having that altered perspective and new way of taking it all in.

I also grabbed a copy of Voices From the Other Side black horror author anthology. Mainly because my friend Anthony is in this edition and I love his writing which you’ll hear more about later.

Of course I also read some new crochet books. I really believe that my increased crocheting has had a positive and direct impact on my ability to get shit done when it’s writing time.

Now it’s April.

I want to do at least 10 submissions this month as well as really get cooking on The. Book.

I’m still working on the literary event/shyness thing. I’ve been looking at events and unfortunately I’d have to leave work early to attend. I have a full time job and work swing shift and most of the things I want to go to are during the week at times that I am at work.

I’m not sure what to feel/do about it.

Time to get back to work. I need to update my website today I realized I was missing a credit and I need to put Amaranthine Muses on it. People have told me (people I know and don’t know..that is a whole other entry) how much they love the story and that makes me feel very warm and squishy inside.

When people get me, I feel loved.


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