Honeypot is what he said.

I just got the most wonderful rejection.

The editor said that my piece was a honeypot that wound up stabbing him. He compared it to an evil Bondgirl.

That is maybe the best rejection I’ve ever gotten.

Editors have no idea but I am entirely smitten when I’m told I’ve made someone blush or sqiurm.

If I’m going to be honest, I do still really enjoy being rejected for being too smutty. I love it when an editor says they love the writing but, there’s too much sex.

There are certain things I get dinged for when moving about in more literary circles especially (as I’m learning) in non fiction circles. I curse, I like subjects that other people aren’t super into without the caveat of something being a morality tale. I like talking about the hookers and dealers I’ve known. The drug addicts. The exuberant one night stands I’ve had. I like talking about my pussy. I like talking about other pussies.

I like talking about things that make a lot of Americans in particular uncomfortable. It’s not for effect really. It comes from my life. I’ve lived a life that has moved around the fringes. If guilt by association is true, then I am guilty of everything and yes I’m proud.

My thoughts are wandering.

I suppose the point is that I’m getting some really great rejections right now. Yes, a couple of them have been blows of a very sharp nature but, I have to keep going.

I take comfort in the fact that when I finally let go of my ideas about “normal” and “goodness” and realized that yes, I am a fucking freak. I’m a fruitcake. I’ve got lots of issues. I think about some really fucked up things and I write them down.

And it’s all fine.

I’m still trying to find my people in the literary world but I feel like I’m getting closer. I know that sometimes I write things that touch people in various ways and because I’m a selfish little bugger, I love that. I love that this thing that I do obsessively because it fulfills something inside my soul can reach out and touch another human.

So yes. I am on a rejection streak. Yes, I’m a little butthurt about it.

I feel good. I like what I’m writing. I like what I’m reading.

If every rejection calls what I write a honeypot I’ll be a happy girl.

Current writing stats-
9 Pieces of fiction are awaiting responses.
3 Pieces of non fiction awaiting response.
3 fiction rejections this month. Two with invitations to send other things along the line.
1 withdrawl by me due to publication not responding to several queries.
2 Submissions sent this month.
Current acceptance rate calculated by Duotrope- 32% for my chosen markets. Above average.

Tonight I need to finish two fiction pieces and one essay for The. Book.


2 thoughts on “Honeypot is what he said.

  1. I just posted this blog. A lot of times its not my colleagues successes that inspire me (although I’m deeply happy for them every single time) but these rejections that show me we are all trying every day to be better writers and get our work out into the world. Also, I wish your last name was on your blog somewhere.

  2. The rejections are so wonderful sometimes. After all these years I’ve felt that maybe I was just being a little weird. I get so excited when someone says no for interesting reasons or when I know damn well I deserve the no. Oh I didn’t even realize my last name wasn’t here. I am such a terrible webmistress I always leave out tiny things. I’m going to fix that.

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