Lovely creatures.

The title is a reference to Nick Cave that I don’t feel like explaining.

I think my earlier intention to finish a retelling of the song ‘Fancy’ (I love Reba but it’s all about the original.) is not happening today.

What I’d really like to do is sit and draw my awful little sketches (I really enjoy drawing but am really extremely bad at it) and have Andrea Gibson lay next to me and speak poems or words or whatever. Anything really.

Actually I want Andrea to read this by Elissa Bassist via the Rumpus to me. Over and over.

I’m feeling vaguely butthurt today. An old friend from years ago got a bug up her butt to write something kind of smutty and demanded I read it via an angry message on Facebook. She taggged me in the note but I had nothing to say at the moment. I responded that the writing needed some tightening and cleaning and it was nice but not really my cup of tea. I was kind but honest and she had a fit.

This is someone I’ve “known” (as in see every great while and now read constant updates on FB..) for years and years and who has never once expressed an interest in or support of my writing beyond once telling me I should try writing a children’s book.

It hurt my feelings. I don’t care if not everyone I know loves every word that comes out of me. I know damn sure well that some of my friends and family do not approve of a lot of my writing. That’s okay. It’s not okay to just dismiss it as a hobby.


Some links.

I saw the storySouth Millions thing here. I take delight in the fact that I’ve been rejected from a lot of those magazines. There are at least four (Yeah Necessary Fiction I’m looking at you) that I am kind of really obsessed with at the moment. I feel like the bunny in the below photo.

I didn’t need that picture but I love it.

In one of my recent rejections the editor suggested I check out NewPages to look at more places to submit my work. I have been using it a bit and really like it a lot.

My friend Dennis has a fantastic entry up today. In case you don’t know I love Dennis Cooper. I love his writing and think he’s a lovely person. His writing had a major and early impact on me. Go read his blog here.

You should also go read this entry by one of my favorite artists Hazel Dooney. I think I have continued following her not just for her art (which I enjoy greatly) but because a lot of the things she talks about regarding herself as an artist resonate with me in ways I don’t really know how to articulate.

One more. If you enjoy well written and sexy smut M. Christian (another friend and person I love because he also contributed mightily to the writer I’m growing up to be) posted a teaser from his new novel.

All these authors, actually all the authors I really love I want to sit at their feet with my head on their knee, listen to them talk or the tap of keys while they write. I want to absorb them by osmosis.

Not to mention my frequent dirty dirty fantasies about a lot of them. But shh, that’s an entry for another day.

Off to shake off my butthurt. I need to work.


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