Things to read.

I like to read things around the internets and I have some links for you all to read.

First up. I am a member of Little Episodes and I put a call over there for authors to send me their links.

My first (and thus far only response) was from Rob Dart. He gave me this and this.

I enjoyed both stories quite a bit. The man has a dog named David Hasselhoff so that’s some automatic love. I’m also partial to the first story from Prime Number Magazine. This bit:

“I am incapable of love,” wrote Calliope. “I know only hunger and lust. I will allow you to copulate inside of me, but then I will eat you.”

Is just delightful to me. That whole part of the story tickled me pink.


I read this post at the Pank Blog by Roxane Gay (one N). I think a read through the comments is not a bad idea. This part struck home with me as a lot of my recent rejections come to this:

Anyway, the first reader enjoyed this pretty good story and I enjoyed this pretty good story but neither of us loved the story.

So is the life of a writer.

I love reading artist blogs and Hazel Dooney is one of my favorite artists. Go look at pictures of her studio.

Speaking of the delicious Ms. Dooney, one of her pieces a photo if I remember correctly inspired the piece I had published here at Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

While your pulse is up go listen to this piece by Remittance Girl. Heat Sink. Little known..err everyone knows how much of a terrible weakness I have for other writers, I want to fuck her brain.

Okay, that’s it for now folks. More later.


One thought on “Things to read.

  1. Rob

    Automatic love! That’s the best kind. So much love is manual these days. That Hazel does have a very nice set-up. It makes one jealous. All I can do is scatter papers around. It’s fun, but not as fun as paint.

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