Theme music.

I listen to a lot of music. Most days at my day job while I’m writing and working I listen to radio via My tastes have always been very eclectic and as I get older I find I’m more and more finicky about theme and what I need to hear in order for my little universe to be right.

Music is the vehicle that transports me into my memory and feelings. Into my body. Memories flitter through my head in pleasant ways that I can’t really keep up with enough to write down.

I hear the song ‘Overcome’ by tricky and I think about a night at a half empty strip club, a very blond girl with five mile long legs and tiny pert tits dancing for me because we had been set up and were going to go back to her place and fuck.

We went back to her place and she dragged me past her farmboy looking housemates, her introductions were not polite but we didn’t want to wait. She had one of those fancy cartridge loaded multi CD stereos and she liked trip hop and metal. She was my first aggressive femme top and she fucked like a demon.

I ran into her a few years ago and she had this very beautiful chubby wife. I teased her about her love of us fat girls and she had her wife motorboat me at a bus stop.

All this nostalgia and I completely forgot what I wanted to say in the first place.

Writing, music, theme music right.

I’ve been writing longer pieces lately. Lots of tiny bits of fiction and longer stories. Last night I wrote a piece of new erotica. Kinky Fem Dom. A scene between an established couple. I snuck in some of the kinks I haven’t written about much. Face sitting, frottage, a little humiliation. I tried to write this story in a more mind fuck way rather than in a physical fuck you up way.

I don’t like to read or write erotic romance. The erotica I like to read and write is hard. It’s often violent and very explicit. I think about a lot of M. Christians work (gods how I do adore that man. He is also really really sweet). I think about some of the erotica anthologies I got a hold of in my early twenties.

I’ve also started (apparently once I start with the porn I can’t stop) another longer dirty story. About a mostly heterosexual black couple. That one is close to my heart.

I’m thinking maybe after I wrap up the Essay Book I might try to put together an “edgy” (fuck sake I hate to use that word that way) little book of erotica. There are a couple of epublishers who like raw and don’t insist on romance tropes. That’s on the back burner though until the Essay Book is done.

Speaking of the essays today I’m going to try and get the essay about my non-entrance into the escort world and the Seattle style liberal down low racism I was dealing with at the time.

I’m thinking I’ll probably do about four more original essays, then finish the blog post rewrites.

Now how about things to read around the internets?

You’ve seen this but here is the official announcement from Akashic Books (I highly -highly- recommend getting deep into their catalog. They put out excellent books) for Go the F**k To sleep. I don’t have my own babies but I have been a caretaker for quite a few small people and I don’t know how many times I wanted to look them in the eye and say, go the fuck to sleep.

Thomas Demary posted this at Pank. This bit is delicious.

One night, we spoke while ennui placed its lips between our legs, looked up and winked

Jimmy Chen posted this at HTMLGIANT and I think it’s just delightful. It made me smile and jizz a little. Read it.

The Rumpus per usual has been really good lately. Read this interview with Wylie Dufresne and then read this Where I Write #8. Also very tasty.

Now it’s my turn to write.


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