Oh the places I go.

I’m doing a little too much right now and I’m officially overwhelmed but it feels good.

First thing. The. Book. I’m just about halfway done. I haven’t yet rewritten the blog posts but I’m somewhat on schedule.

Second thing. I’ve made my personal (fat, fashion, intersectionality, race, things, sex) blog available on Kindle which was kind of a thing for me.

Third thing. I’ve decided to make some fiction available for download to start with. A little trio of loosely spanking themed tiny pieces of erotica first. Other things later.

So all of these things are scary.

I’m also still determined to do some reading or other literary related something and that’s also really fucking scary.

Now I have to work so let’s go around the internet for some things to read.

First up, new in Junk a piece called Grace and it’s really beautiful. While you’re there read my piece if you like. The whole zine is actually dreamy.

My latest bit of writing is a tiny piece in The Literary Burlesque.

Go read this by Antonia Crane. I say again, I swoon. Yes I have a crush. shh don’t tell anyone.

I really like this piece at decomp. Very tasty.

Other writing news- I have 12 pieces out. 9 fiction, 3 non fiction. Including my first ever submission to an anthology. Today I’d like to finish tiny smut story #3 and then write other things. What other things I don’t know yet. But I’ll write them.

Also as I was reminded recently I should actually post the link to my chip in for The. Book. Currently my contributors are getting some shout outs in the book. Wee.

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