An Important Acceptance.

All of my acceptances are important to me but some of them feel like bigger victories for me.

I found out today that my little essay about being left behind by Riot Grrl culture is going to be in The Battered Suitcase.

It feels like such a huge thing because it’s a non fiction piece and that has been my hurdle to climb in the past year or two. I was so hesitant to send the essay in the first place. And look it turned out.

I am really happy about this one y’all.

I really think that a large part about my reticence with non-fiction is entirely about feeling and being silenced for a really long time. I still very often have that little voice in the back of my head saying “who gives a fuck?”. It’s terrible and it’s one of the things that is really difficult for me to deal with on an emotional level.

These feelings equate in my mind with the kind of blogging I’ve done for the last few years over in my personal blog. Despite my social justice activism leanings, sometimes I get that feeling that being that I’m uneducated and I’m not one of the fancy “name” people, I should not be squawking.

The. Book. Is a testament to how wrong I am about that. Without the support of those readers, their notes of encouragements and simply asking me to write about things has done so much for me.

I’ve also noticed that in the last couple of years when I get an acceptance my celebration is much more short lived than it used to be. Instead of patting myself on the back I’m writing more.

It is a really nice feeling to know when I’ve experienced growth as an author. It feels pretty fucking fancy actually.

What to do now?

Back to my hustle.

Now links.

First off I’ve uploaded my first bits of free smut. A trio of tiny smutty stories loosely themed Spanking. Get them here. I really enjoyed writing those. Especially the middle lesbian story.

Go read Kevin Sampsell on NonFiction. He talks about some good books. Via HTMLGIANT.

Damn I had more links and have lost them. I’m awesome.

Oh wait, one more. Crashpad posted this toys for transboys post. True fact, if I were going to do porn I would make it with them. I would be the cock swingingest crazy femme you’ve ever seen.

That’s all. Back to work.


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