Beautiful Creatures who are not me.

I’m writing an essay for The Book about my love of Courtney Love and women like her.

This essay is kind of the antithesis of the one I have coming in the Battered Suitcase. holy shit, so yeah that’s happening. I did my author interview thing and um..I’m so nervous about it. I don’t want to talk about it, I do but it’s such a big deal in my head because it’s not only non fiction but that is a Big. Deal. Zine.


I gotta keep it moving today. I’m so exhausted. All I really want right now is to nestle my face against some boobs, or a nice fat belly, be petted and try not to wail like an enraged toddler.

So I have things I’d like all six of you who read this to check out.

First up. Karnythia needs to move her family and she is doing a pretty cool YA fantasy novel chapter by chapter as a crowd funding thing. From her description of the project:

So, I’m offering up a YA novel Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns to be written in 60 days and posted chapter by chapter at Atypical Princess. I’ll be posting the plot synopsis and character sketches today with an eye towards posting the first chapter tomorrow. There’s a Chip In widget below that’s not quite accurate (I got a couple of donations yesterday), but will still provide a way for folks to keep track of our goal. If you can’t donate I still want you to read, after all what’s the point of fiction if you can’t share it? All I ask is that if you like it, you link it to your friends and family for their perusal. Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I plan to enjoy writing it.

Get more details here or check out the link in my sidebar with her name on it.

Next I think you should really read the new piece at Junk it’s really beautiful.

What else?

Speaking of crowd funding. I’m still way shy of my fundraising goal for The. Book. I’m not good at fundraising. If you’d like please pass on the link to my chip in and help a girl out.


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