The Method To my Madness.

So I keep talking about The. Book. and thought I should do some splainin.

After a lot of going back and forth, arguing with myself and reading all of the dire reasons for not doing it I decided to self publish and possibly (at least according to some authors) ruin my future as an author and do it.

I made a list of good reasons for doing it DIY style and it boils down to a few key issues.

The first reason I decided to DIY this thing is because my interest in mainstream publishing has waned to almost nothing. Yes, sometimes I do still fantasize about having some runaway best seller with Random House or something but the fact is, I’m just not into it.

I don’t want (particularly) this book to be watered down. In these essays I say fuck a lot, I talk about unsuccessful youthful attempts at fisting, I talk about being a fat bitch, I talk a lot about not giving a fuck and after a lot of research the kinds of publishing houses that even take unsolicited manuscripts from unknown authors is a short ass list. So here we are.

The second part of my disinterest in mainstream publishing or trying to get this book out in a traditional manner is that well I’m not famous. I’m not a famous blogger, I’m not catchy, I’m not trendy, hell even when I got shitloads of traffic from Shapely Prose back in the day, I’m just not that sort of blogger. I never thought of or tried to get a blogger publishing deal.

Also a smaller part of my reasoning happened to be a long study of book covers by women. I kept having these awful visions of some Nice White lady on the cover of my books and I can’t even stomach the idea. I would feel violated and stolen from.

Next reason is that it has taken me a long time to work up the nerve to really commit to this.

So I did a lot of research. I examined my options and looked at the mistakes some other self published authors have made. I decided to enlist the help of a very talented friend of mine to edit my work because she’s not only a very talented author herself but I feel like she gets me and wouldn’t mangle my words or make them safe.

And here we are.

I’ve gotten a lot of fantastic support from people. People have donated and offered a plethora of different flavors of help. I’m about 100$ shy of the amount I need to raise. I have a plan. I designed my cover. (Hint: the cover is going to be very reminiscent of my favorite poetry books from City Lights), I have some folks interested in reviewing it when I’m done. I’m pretty sure that the people who need to read it, who want to read it will get it.

I feel good and solid. Not really grounded because fuck the ground I want to fly.

There you have the method behind the madness. Here is a tidbit from the essay about my love of Courtney Love:

I love her because she is often a mess. She’s screaming at people, yammering about things on twitter, throwing things, talking about image and how she is perceived and I love those things. I love the fact that she was one of the first women I identified in my deep crazy core.

Here is my chipin thing:

Tomorrow I have more things for y’all to read. Also I heard over the weekend that I will have a short piece of horror (experimental) in Deaths Head Grin later this summer.

Thanks for reading.


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