Dreaming Susie Bright.

Some of the first sex writing I ever read, non fiction sex writing was Susie Bright.

I want to say the first thing I read by her was an excerpt of one of her books in the mid-90’s.

I have seen her speak. And okay publicly, I really fucking love Susie Bright.

She is one of my heroines.  I remember seeing her speak and I was so flutterpated that instead of going to tell her hello after and maybe giving her a hug as my friends were prodding me to do I ran away squeeing to myself and wound up in tears on the bus going somewhere I didn’t really want to go.

That is the kind of fangirl I can be.

SO yes, this is an affiliate link but seriously go buy her book Big Sex Little Death: A Memoir.  Buy me a copy if you want to since I’m kinda too broke to buy books right now.

Watch this over at Seal Press.

Also go check out the website for this book it’s really pretty.

Also oh my goodness there is an audio version narrated by Susie herself. Listen to the sample here.

Susie is among the people who without knowing it have been my foremothers and those who just by writing things that have touched my heart, saved my life.

As I’m slaving away on The. Book. I keep coming across memories that involve so many people I’ve never met face to face but who without a doubt helped keep me on this planet. I’m getting a little maudlin but honestly, I wish I could travel enough to thank each and every one in person.

So thank you Susie. Thank you so much.


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