Better day.

Today has been so much better than yesterday.

I got two really good rejections.

I sent one new submission along and am prepping another two to be sent out next week.

Now how about some really amazing things to read?

First I’ll give some love to the delicious Monocle. Today he featured a little flashy sized bit of erotica I wrote after I was inspired by a piece he put up at ERWA. Read that here at his blog. I’m pretty excited about that, it is only the second time in my internet life I’ve been a guest at a blog.  I have been a fan of his writing for quite a while so while you’re there poke around.

Over at the blog for the new zine Specter there’s a really interesting discussion going on about the relevancy of lit mags.  I highly recommend following them on social networking sites.  Regardless of whether I ever get published in their zine, I really love what they are doing.

Other awesome?

If you’ve read me for a while (or maybe not I dunno) you know I’m a fan of Roxane Gay’s writing.  She has a story up at The Center For Fiction and it’s fucking fantastic.

Read this rebuttal to the whole too visible Darkness thing over at The Battered Suitcase Blog.

I have become acquainted with an author named Court Merrigan via Google+(find me there by searching Roses Black) and go read this entry about his Unrejection. It is very cool.

And one author beware. A website called scandal shack . com (not linking because I don’t want to give them traffic) has scraped and stolen hundreds of erotica authors/bloggers work. The ever fantastic Remittance Girl posted about it on Twitter. If you write or know someone who writes anything related to sex you may want to check it out.

I think that’s all for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

PS..note to self write a social networking post next week.

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