Timely words of wisdom.


22. No matter how far you get there are always going to be more people who don’t understand you than do. There are hundreds of thousands of books and all of them are important to somebody, and most of them most people have never heard of, and there’s a reason you’re related to those people.

By Blake Butler from HTMLGIANT today.

I really enjoy HTMLGIANT and Blake’s writing but this article felt particularly needed today.

Very frequently I have to remind myself that a lot of people are just not going to be into my work.

About (shit I’m getting old) 17 years ago I took my one and only writing class. I’d saved up for months and signed up. the author wasn’t someone I’d ever heard of but I liked the class description and someone (ugh bad advice) had told me that I simply MUST take classes otherwise people wouldn’t take me seriously.

So I took this class and write a short story as assigned at the end for the teacher to critique. I remember to this day exactly what it said when he returned it to me:

You need to work on writing like a woman.

That is verbatim and the only thing he said about the story. I was so young and so uncertain about everything to say i was heartbroken and confused is a gross misstatement. I was crushed and worse I didn’t understand it at all.

I don’t even remember his name, I think I blocked it out but suffice it to say that years later I’m disgusted by that.

A few years later I wrote some story, a horror story I think that included some graphic necrophilia. A friend of mine was the first person to tell me explicitly  that a lot of people might not be into me. He went on to tell me that the people who were into it, would be really into it.

I feel very thankful that I was told that and am reminded when I get down. My bestie tells me, sometimes the rejections I get tell me. And it does make me feel better to remember that no, not everyone will be into it and that’s okay.

So in case you need to hear it. Not everyone is going to love your words and that is perfectly okay. It is I promise.

Okay enough. I have to get back to work I have a lot of things to finish today.


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