Junkies, good news and things.

I ran into an old friend who has been a junkie for a very long time. The last time I saw him he was in pretty rough shape. Trying to get into a program while living on the street.

I saw him today and he’s using but in better shape. He wasn’t able tof ind a program and wound up going cold turkey by himself. Apparently at some point after that he got into an accident, went into the hospital for some extensive surgery and came out with a low level habit.

He also has a helper dog who’s name is Boot and is a super cute pitbull mix. He’s a mental health helper dog and being that I was a little anxious he did his thing and it was pretty awesome. Very comforting, he leaned against my leg and looked up at me very patiently.  My friend is slowly moving up a waiting list to get into a new porgram, he said it’s easier this time around because he has a phone number and address. It was good to see him somewhat clear eyed if using.

Good news now.

I’m going to be the featured August author at Freaky Fountain press. I’m so excited about that. I’ve been sitting on this story for months and wanted to send it to Freaky Fountain specifically but, I was nervous because I kind of know one of the editors and that freaks me out. She loved it and edited it.

There is something so amazing to me when I find an editor who speaks my language and doesn’t try to make things I write nice or pretty. I love it when an editor can take what I did and make it just that much better with their better punctuation and spelling skills. It is such a blessing to me and has happened so rarely.

That feeling is such a rare one for me that I often find myself trying to hold onto it for weeks afterwards.  Being edited by someone who gets me feels like such an intimate and ultimately loving act.

I am in awe of good editors.

I try really hard to work on my line editing skills and I have realized that is just not in my skill set.

I think that’s all. I finished the first of the hard essays and it is going to be a bear for people to read.

I’m still having a few email problems. I don’t know what the shit is wrong with my emails. I’m going to resend a few with profuse apologies and hope none of them get lost in the ether.

Tomorrow I have a ton of things I want y’all to read because they are beautiful and wonderful.


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