A note to a few selected readers.

Most of the four of you who read this regularly don’t need to read this.

This is for a few of you other readers.

Look, if you are upset or find yourself with an awkward boner after reading about smut that involves genitals you don’t normally think about in a boner inducing way, don’t send me shitty notes.

I’m talking to you “God Fearing Christian Man” who sent me a note just about a half hour ago.

Let me break it down to you okay homie?

First of all this is not my first web presence and I know how to read website analytics. Furthermore you sir did not use an anonymizer so your IP Address is all over. I see you read all of the smut here, then went to my official website and read all the smut there, then came back and spent however long crafting your missive about how much I need Jesus in my life.


While you spent at least two hours of your life reading really queer filthy dirty smutty words, I’m going to bet you had an awkward boner that didn’t go away when you got to the really gay parts.

That’s okay.

Really it is.

It is not okay to then try and turn it around on me like I purposefully found you, and made you read all those nasty things.

Had you been more respectful of me I would have told you it was okay that your boner made you feel weird. That happens to us sometimes as we go through life and it’s all right. I would have told you to get out your preferred lubrication and have at yourself with joyful abandon.

However since you were such a douchebag about it, go fuck yourself.

My personal Gods and I are just fine thanks. If your God has teh spare time to be upset about my Queerness I think y’all should have a talk about priorities.

So FYI if you want to troll learn how to do it properly or just don’t bother.

In other news my feature over at Freaky Fountain Press is up and I am so proud of it. Catherine did an amazing, no seriously an amazing job on the edits.  To read the whole thing you need to log in but I promise it’s totally worth it. Not just for my story but they have excellent taste over there and you should read all of them.

A tidbit and a link:

He tries to press his hips into mine but I shove him with the hand over his mouth.

This is a surprisingly hetero piece for me. Not quite as queer flavored as my stuff tends to be. There’s some biting, some femme dom, a little frottage.  Overall it is one I’m excited about.

Anything else?

I really need to update my website but haven’t been in a code monkey frame of mind.

Also go read this story by my new friend Mensah. It is quite tasty.

That’s all I need to get to work. I have things that need writing.


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