News, updates, rejections.

I just finished updating my website and that can be seen here.

I had a tiny essay about being an actual fat bitch (yes I am a fat bitch I know) that I had honestly completely forgotten ever even writing, out in the wild. I apparently submitted it two months ago to some fledgling “radical” lady zine thing.

The editrix responded with a fairly fiery rejection.  Apparently in modern “radical” circles me affirming and embracing my fatness and bitchness and the combination of the two is too much and “very offensive”.

I have to say that when it comes to rejections the worst are when I know the person didn’t bother to read it. If you’re not going to read past the idea of something just say so.

The rejection itself didn’t really sting this time it was the being entirely misunderstood.  That sucks.

What else?

Coming up soonish I think I will have new things for everyone to read.

I’m plugging away at the essays. I just finished up one that other people think is funny. I think it’s funny but my comedic abilities are rarely if ever captured in any kind of way.

I have to admit that lately I’ve been feeling so far outside of the group of amazing authors I read. I know rationally that this is a part of my personality/shyness but, knowing that doesn’t help a whole bunch. At the root of this whole malaise is probably my fear that I’m so far under the radar I’ve gone invisible.

It is one of those neurotic hate spirals that happens in my head sometimes and it usually culminates in me thinking I should stop subjecting people to my incessant nattering and keep my shit to myself. After I wallow in that for a while I get back to work.

I keep writing.

I submit more.

Get rejected more.



And then, somehow it’s all okay.



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