I have really terrible eyesight. I have had awful vision since childhood and have spent an inordinate amount of time peering a very fuzzy world.

I wonder sometimes if that is part of why I tend to let my eyes go out of focus while I’m writing.

I never know I’m doing it but realize later on because my head hurts or my eyes feel sandpapery.

I don’t feel particularly well today. A mix of PMS and the usual sleeplessness has me in a place, not a great place but a manageable place.

I feel like the world looks when I don’t have my glasses on.

I had a story idea settle in my brain while I was crocheting last night and miraculously it stuck around all night even though I couldn’t start the actual story last night. I’m hoping my (dayjob) work day goes smooth enough for me to multitask and start the story.

I have no further exciting news. Aside from I wrote a little thing yesterday that I am pretty pleased with and may not submit anywhere. I might just keep it for my own not awesomely functioning eyes.


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