I have been a busy creature for the past couple of weeks.

I am so fucking close to finishing those essays. So close.

I had a much needed talk with my editor who is a fucking luminous beautiful star.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but in addition to crocheting nightly as I head home on the bus I also listen to audio books.

I just started listening to ‘Kafka On the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami again and one of the things I love about listening to books is hearing how beautiful the rhythm of certain phrases can be.

This book has three readers.  I love so many moments in this book. I think this is my favorite of his books that I’ve read so far. The character of Oshima reminds me a lot of someone I dated in the long ago/far away.

I wish I could read Japanese.

I’m still reading Susie’s book. I’m reading it really slowly. I’m trying to savor it but to give you a preview it is my flavor of memoir. Meaty and all the things I like because I’m a nosy bastard.

What else?

Ah yes more writing. I have two stories out in the wild that are similar in that both protagonists are women who were recently gravely ill.  One discovers she’s a bit of a monster and the other has to say goodbye to her body. Both are a bit odd for me but I had them tucked away for so long it was nice to see them again.

Oh before I forget, at one point in Kafka he mentions the Tale of Genji and I’d completely forgotten about reading it until I read Kafka on the Shore the first time.  Somewhere in my notebook on the back of a pay stub envelope I scratched out the beginning of a story that features the Tale of Genji kind of prominently.

I had something else entirely planned for today but I’m so tired.

I want to show you some books instead.

I got a copy of “Becoming JT Leroy” for something like 2 dollars and it is sitting at home right now waiting for me. I’m super excited to read it, I’m still very interested in how all that came about. I remember at the time being very excited to read the bits and pieces of Leroy’s work I could get my grubby little hands on.

I had no idea it was all so hoax-ish (is that even the appropriate word here?) until long after the fact.  Being that I never buy brand new books especially if they have just came out Leroy fell off of my radar. About four years ago or so someone gave me a copy of one of his books (her?) and that brought it all back for me.

This is all so random. I’m so tired.

Random tidbit. In talking to a friend of mine it occurred to me that she and I read entirely different books and yet she actually loves my writing.  We met/started talking after a friend of hers was in the same zine I was years ago and we were introduced as being kindred spirits.

We’re not really.  We’re similar in a lot of ways but not so much in taste.

The point is (gods I cannot concentrate today) that I love that we are so different that way and yet she loves what I write. And I write what I like to read.

It’s neat when that happens.

I think that’s all. I’m exhausted and it’s almost time to leave work. When I get home I’m going to wind balls of yarn, finish up Susie’s lap blanky so I can block it.

I will probably (when I remember to buy batteries) post some of my crochet projects. Some of them are book related in an odd way.  Tomorrow a link round up of delicious things to read. My friends and other writers I like but don’t know have been busy beavers.


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