Rejections? Why yes I have many.

So many rejections this week.

I believe I’m up to three rejections for this week.  All of them for new work and of course had high hopes for. I spent my allotted time to be butthurt about it last night. Today all three will be rereleased into the wild.

I did have one new acceptance. Did I mention that? I got my Senryu duet accepted for the next issue of the BellaOnline literary magazine Mused.

It always makes me giggle to myself a little when I get poetry accepted. I don’t really write formal verse aside from my little senryu-ish things and poetry is usually what I call the end result of brain vomit. Sometimes the spew comes out glittery and beautiful, other times I keep it tucked away in my notebook where it won’t blind anyone.

I think I’m going to revisit a few magazines that I’ve submitted to in the past. All from 2010. There are a few that I’m fairly obsessed with getting into/impressing for various reasons.

Today though I must admit I’m wallowing in a little woe is me nobody likes me I’m gonna eat worms.

It’ll pass.

So some links.

Over at Necessary Fiction Brian Kitely is the Writer in Residence and he wrote this entry about First vs Third person POV. Personally I’m a big fan of first person. I don’t hate third person in general, when (as with all literary things) it is done well it moves me but I’m more likely to be moved by stories in first person.

I highly suggest submitting to Pank via their tip submission thing.  Had I known about this when I submitted earlier this month I would’ve done it. Yes I did get rejected from them thanks for asking. Specifically for the queer issue.

There is an interview with Haruki Murakami over at the Book Bench and an excerpt from his forthcoming new book.

Oh goodness, while I’ve been writing this POW another rejection. I’m going to allow myself the full day to pout and feel unwanted. I can’t pout too much. The end of last year was fairly rough going as well. Deep breath. Instead of submitting today I’m going to work on new material.

Moving along.

If you are in/around NYC, I spotted on facebook that the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is taking resumes for Fall interns. Check it out on facebook.

Found out via the Erotic Readers and Writers Association there are some interesting calls from submission out right now.

ForbiddenFiction is looking for submissions.  I like the blurb on their website:

What is ForbiddenFiction?

ForbiddenFiction is a publisher devoted to writing that breaks the boundaries of original erotic fiction. We will be publishing stories which combine intense sexuality with quality writing. If it’s a well written erotic story, we’ll consider it.

From the little bit I’ve poked around it looks to be interesting.

Super editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has opened up submissions for a new female submission anthology. Her books are always quality and she has excellent taste.

And I’m spent. Look for a whole entry full of links if anyone gives them to me tomorrow.

Now I’m going to go nurse my bloody and sore ego then write more.


2 thoughts on “Rejections? Why yes I have many.

  1. I have a writer friend who goes hog wild with submissions. She’ll sent 100 out and wait for the rejections to pour in. Sometimes they sting a little. Sometimes she gets a nice personal letter encouraging her to keep submitting. Mostly they just stoke the fire to keep trying. I’m much more capricious about submitting. I get sidetracked by an anthology and toss off a story or two. I get perky when I notice journals that friends of mine get into and conjure up the confidence to try them. Just keep taking risks and stretching as a writer. I’m watching you.

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