A weekend of ruminating.

I did no writing this weekend as I’d planned. I had the holiday off from work and I did other things all weekend. I rolled fat balls of very soft yarn, I frogged (yarn/crochet talk for undone) a half shawl thing that was ugly and rolled that yarn for later use. I read another quarter of Susie Bright’s book. I lolled about in bed, I slept (heavily sedated) most of Saturday.

I had lots of delicious snacks.

I also ruminated about my writing.

Normally I’d say brooded upon because I am admittedly over emo about these things. This weekend however I ruminated.

Lately I’m very impatient with myself and my whole process. I want to write more, finish faster, get those submissions out, get rejected and keep it moving. Something about the rapid fire rejections of last week has me trying to move faster get more done, faster pussycat kill kill; but the thing is I don’t work like that.

I know that.

So what the fuck am I doing?

This is why I didn’t write over the weekend. I need to calm down and just do my thing.

Instead I did other things. I finished a couple of crochet projects and have to wash them this weekend.

Now how about some reading?

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins has a list of her 100 rejections for the year and I think it’s pretty fucking awesome. Starting today I’m going to keep track until this time next year or until I hit 100.

I have new work up at Death Head Grin this month. This was an experimental horror story that started out from a non fiction writing prompt about imperfections.

Roxane Gay posted a pretty awesome announcement. Go read about it here at her blog.

Brian Spears wrote about the BlazeVOX thing and I don’t really know what to think about all of it. Via the Rumpus.

Also by Roxane over at HTMLGIANT she posed the question How the Hell do We Teach Creative Writing? I have opinions about this but being that I’ve only ever taken one writing class in my life (disaster, very nearly ended my writing career before it really started) and I am not now and have never been a college student I don’t know if I should have an opinion about it. Nonetheless it is interesting reading.

I think that’s all for now. I need to do some writing today, there is the nugget of something in my brain.

This is a bad cell phone pic of the last shawl I finished crocheting. My partner Uniballer has finally remembered to get batteries for the good camera so I’ll post good photos somewhere at some point.

I changed a very simple free pattern and voila.


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