And so I keep going.

As per usual I got over my moment of anxiety. Double consciousness or no, I sent stories away anyway.

Shit happens and whatnot.

In other news I’m up to 51 submissions for the year and I’m copying Brett here, I’m collecting my next 100 rejections. I’m up to three.

I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and submitting to places that are in my head a Big. Deal. I’ve been rejected by most of them so far. The rejections have been friendly with the note to try something else for them.

I do have paranoid moments when I wonder if they are just saying that to be nice. I doubt it but the thoughts are there.

I’ve decided on a name for the homeless fiction project. I’m going to call the series Shannon’s Wayward words. Since most of the things are the weird not story stories I like to write, I decided to also include a short why and how I wrote each piece. Make it that much more interesting.  Volume 1 is almost done.

I just have to do the cover in photoshop and format it for Smashwords them boom I’m up and running.

I have about two more essays to finish then I sent the whole shebang to my editor, pay her money then I’ll put it out.

The wayword words should add up to about 20 or so pages. So yeah that.

I realized that as much as I want to make my little beautiful things happen, most zines just don’t really want those things and tha’ts okay. Fuck it, cry two tears in a bucket. Yes I did just quote House Party.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Tomorrow I’ll do a literary round up of some fantastic things to read. I’m almost done with Susie’s book so there will be a lengthy review/post about it. I’ll give you a hint, it’s delicious.

I think that’s about it.

Oh wait, my moment of self promotion. Go read my new story in Death Head Grin. A little Shannon flavored horror.


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