Rejections keep on coming.

Okay so my obligatory whine.

Nobody understands my delicate tender genius. Why doesn’t anyone like my words.

That was disingenuous.

Actually, my last two rejections were pretty good.  Editors have been pretty encouraging and saying nice things.

I’m finding myself (again..this is habitual) bucking against the need for everything to adhere to the rules of fiction.  I need to convince myself that my taste in word things (I think I need to not call them stories, avoid the disappointment) is just not going to happen. Or at least I’m going to have to wait until they come back into fashion.

I think that having some success with those things a while back has set me up for failure right now and I need to get out of the pattern of doing them and work more in the realm of solid story-stories.

What else?

Other rejections have been heavy on the this is great but not right for us. I’m entering another self doubt phase. I honestly don’t send editors things I know they won’t like.  I do read the zines I submit to. Perhaps my perceptions are kind of off right now.

That being what it is I’m kind of glad I’m closing in on my annual cease and desist submitting time.  Once a year or so I stop submitting for about a month and work on getting my shit together. I fix up pieces, rewrite where needed. I get my website together, do some stuff. Write stories.

So there we go.

Now stats:

Pending responses for last 12 months: 10
Submissions sent last 12 months: 50
Submissions sent this month: 9
Acceptance ratio for the past 12 months: 23.26 %

Not counting a couple of submissions that aren’t listed in duotrope. Not bad.

Today I need to catch up on the weekend. More writing may not happen today. I’m not sure.

And I’ll close it out with a picture I took with my fancy new phone of my latest crochet project as I was jamming it back into my bag.

Oh also I’ll be doing my review of Susie’s book probably Weds. YAY.


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