The Silliest of things.

Okay y’all.

I am incapable of seriousness today for several reasons including the major belief that the universe is testing my impulse control.

So news first.

My Senryu duet is up at Mused. You can purchase a print copy or read it on the internets.  I said elsewhere to enjoy it because it’s rare. A friend thought I was lamenting my current acceptance rate (I’ll get to that) but no. The fact is I don’t consider myself an actual poet.  The fact is when I get fancy and decide I am suddenly a poet shit goes wrong.

Also holy shit this is a big deal. I proofed my essay in the next Battered Suitcase.  I know I’ve been yammering about it in a round about way but it’s really happening. For a while I still felt it wasn’t going to really happen but it is.

Note: Fawn the editor did the most beautiful light invisible edit.

I also really need to update my website. I started to update it the other night and realized I left off several writing credits because they are totally unavailable. I’m not even certain of dates. I believe I was in Issue 5 of Open Wide, I think. ANd of course that’s the one issue they were unable to recover after a major technological malfunction. I suppose I could ask the editor. I was also in Quantum Muse a really long ass time ago. THe story was about a kid chosen by and tormented by God (she drank warm beer and wore pink lipgloss. I also remember that it was one of the first stories where I could either be paid or get a free book and I opted for the book.

I’ll probably reprint whatever I can find.


I want everyone to go read Remittance Girl’s wrap up post on the Erotic Author Association’s con. It is very good.

How about a wrap up picture that has nothing to do with writing or reading?

I have been stretching my earlobes and finally got to my original goal of 8g. And no those dark bits on my neck aren’t tattoos as cool as that would be they are dark marks because my skin hates everything.

I will most likely stop stretching here. I have tiny baby monkey ears and don’t want to overwhelm my lobes because it is aesthetically unpleasant. I may go to 6g just to make it hurt. The move from 10 down to 8 didn’t hurt at all and I’m a little disappointed.

That’s all.

I’m off to work on something ridiculous.


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