Go read my new work.

I’m currently dog shit sick.

No I’m pretty sure that someone let their gigantic dog shit in my skull type sick so today all I have is a little self promotion and a little bit of promotion of people and things I like.

Me first.

So I’ve been talking about it and it’s finally here. The final issue of The Battered Suitcase is available and it has my essay in it.  I feel really good about my essay titled Still a Strange Girl is about race and how out of place I felt as a teenager and young lady who was very interested in Riot Grrl culture.  If I’m going to be honest I was very nervous about submitting this essay because it had already been rejected because the editor didn’t feel like their readers would really feel it. I sat on the essay for another few months and decided to (as happens after a cavalcade  of rejections) just send it. Then BAM.

This non fiction business has been gut wrenching for me. Every time I submit an essay I feel like I’m 20 years old again and standing in some cafe shaking in my boots because I’m terrified no one will get the poem I’m about to read.   Every non fiction submission still makes me kinda feel like I might shit my pants rejection or acceptance. It makes me nervous.

What next? OH right, I have poetry in the current issue of Mused. Can I admit I was entirely amused that those got accepted.

Sadly that’s all I have to promote that is new. I’m in the midst of a raging river of rejection (oh alliteration, I’m feeling spunky) so how about links by people I like?

My new friend Tapati interviewed my beloved friend Sarah Katherine Lewis about rehab, her self published book thingy and lots of interesting things. Find it at Synchronized Chaos. No really go read it. And take my word for it you will love Sarah and Tapati as much as I do.

Also go check out another new friend Sumayyah, wait hold up say her name in your head-no do it I’ll wait- lovely right? Okay back on task. Go read, seriously. There is also a link to her work in my sidebar under authors.

I would feel remiss if I didn’t recommend this podcast I’ve been listening to.  Other People with Brad Listi. Podcasts that are interviews with authors that I find silly, funny and there is a sense of intimacy that I (who is admittedly chronically nosy) find very satisfying. These aren’t your usual literary interviews. It’s good, you’ll laugh I promise. Also Brad is a charming host.

Now if y’all (all six of you) will excuse me. I need more cold drugs and I’m going to write something a touch silly. If I get stuck I’ll post some new tiny smut tomorrow. I haven’t done that in a while and I have an idea to work out.

Do you have links? If you have stuff you think I’d like to read or would be interested whether it’s your work or not just leave them in the comments box.


3 thoughts on “Go read my new work.

  1. Hi from another struggling writer of erotic fiction who has also dabbled in non-fiction (with rather more success) – hope you get better soon, and I really like your blog, especially your observations on the writing/rejection process!

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