While I’m Doing all the things.

I’m pretty much over being sick and I have a ton of work to do. That being what it is I have some things I’d like y’all to read.

First up my friends Tapati and Sarah talk about Sarah’s latest self publishing adventure and what happened to some of the content for her book Indecent.  Speaking of Sarah you can also buy her latest by contacting her at markedformetal(AT)yahoo(DOT)com  and tell her Shannon sent you for her rehab memoir. You should get it, it’s not only super supportive for an awesome author but, it’s really fucking good.

I recently purchased my first smart phone and have been listening to podcasts like a maniac. My new favorite literary podcast is Other People with Brad Listi. You may recognize Brad’s name because he is the founder of The Nervous Breakdown and I’m a fan of that as well.

While I’m talking about people I like y’all really need to go check out what Specter is doing. Their not quite literary magazine approach is really nice. Also they publish a lot of really beautiful words. Go. Now.

I also highly recommend having a listen to some of the programming at Wired For Books.

Via the Rumpus I read this piece at Luna Park and it just tickled me.

And lastly, go read my essay in The Battered Suitcase. I am quite proud of it.

Goodbye until later my friends.  Tomorrow I’ll post links to some interesting calls for submission.


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