Things to read.

This is not Halloween themed.

I’m nursing my aching ego. More rejections. Encouraging rejections but still rejections.

I had a consolation muffin and I am right now prepping the submissions I’ve been sitting on contemplating submitting them.

Yes I do actually do that.  Generally it takes me at least a few days to decide firmly whether or not submit to X zine. Longer if it’s one I really admire.


Things to read. The Queer issue of Pank is out. My inaugural Pank rejection was for this issue.  I’m torn between feeling the usual flush of writer jealousy and totally understanding the rejection that much more.  As I’ve mentioned I am a little obsessed with Pank just like everyone else. The issue is really good. Go read it.

Go check out Mike Arnzen’s Zombie Haiku. I’ve been quite fond of Mr. Arnzen for years now. He has these prompts and from one of those I got a piece published a whil back. Go read.

Head over to Specter and read this piece by Bradley Warshauer. It’s really lovely.

At the PEN blog these poems..goddamn. They are by Euphrase Kezilahabi and translated by someone else and purely gorgeousness.

Dennis Cooper is hosting a dl style Halloween party at his blog. Go look.  It will take forever to load but it’s totally worth it I promise.

Lastly go read Antonia Crane’s last entry. I have an awful sized crush on her. I want to listen to her read me her writing and I’ll put lotion on her feet.

I think that’s all. I have things to do and submissions to be nervous about.

Also Nanowrimo is starting but I’ll talk about it tomorrow after I’ve started.


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