Among the things I love.

First go listen to Hazel Dooney’s TEDx talk.

I don’t recall how I became familiar with Hazel Dooney’s work. Perhaps through her blog or maybe it was from a link sent to me by someone else.

I love her for many reasons aside from I love her art. She talks about stripping the power away from the mainstream art world and that resonates with me.

There is something deeply valuable to me on a primal level to hear other people voice things I feel but have no words for. I suppose that is the actual aim of all the scribbling I do.

While I’m talking about inspiring things go watch this by Project #9.  That flavor of project is also very interesting to me. It makes me want to do things I don’t quite have the know how or precise ability to actually create just yet.

Oh I also really need to talk to you guys about what is happening with my essays and my experience so far with my editor because, wow. Things are going on that are so precious and wonderful I want to share but then again I want to keep them for myself.

Last thing, you can buy my little fiction collection with a coupon. 2.50$ nets you about 12000 of my wayword words. Head to Smashwords here then use this coupon code KW99U.

Now if y’all will excuse me it is time to write like a mother fucker.


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