Things to read on the internets. With some calls for submission.

Okay prior to Turkey day I wanted to show y’all some things to read that I love. Per usual I don’t know all of these people personally, some of them I just like their words.

First up someone I do know personally. My editor, good friend and someone I love like you don’t even know Sarah Katherine Lewis has a new interview available.  If you need affordable supportive amazing editing talk to me about Ms. Lewis. Seriously.

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins has new poems in Cameroc Press Review.  “Big wolf tears..” that phrase just kills me.

Over at Dogzplotz I read this piece by Kim Göransson and I really love it. Go read it.

My friend and all around fantastic gent M. Christian posted a call for age play erotica over in his blog. Go check it out.

Rose Metal Press is having their chapbook contest. Go seriously submit to it.

This piece over at HTMLGiant is weird and wonderful. I’ve read it four or five times and it just pleases me. Tickles me.

Damn there was something else I wanted to share with y’all and now I can’t remember.

So I’ll move on to the self promotion part of the evening.

My little unedited fiction collection is still on sale at Smashwords. Use this code KW99U and get it via paypal for under 3$.

I also have a new piece in Scissors and Spackle which you can either read here or you can to to the website and buy a copy.  It is a little bit of a tear jerker.

Hopefully this weekend I can get my website updated and current. I discovered recently that I seem to have forgotten a few publications and was reminded about them by a friend. If I can find the stories I will reprint them here or add them to my little smashwords store.

If you celebrate it happy turkey day.

I myself will be grinding at my day job and eating free food.

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