Lesson of the year.

I’ve mentioned it before, I really love doing Nanowrimo.

Over the years I’ve used November/Nanowrimo as reason to do whatever thing has taken my fancy.

What I haven’t intended is to learn so much about myself and my process as an author.

The first major lesson I learned was of course discipline. The first year I tried Nanowrimo, I was not yet to the point where I could really sit down and work. I was still under the impression that I needed to be “touched” by the Muse in order to produce.

I had to learn the ass in chair part of writing. Not just writing when I felt like it, or when i had a wild purple feather up my butt. I had to learn to really sit down and work.

This year has been different.

Rather than throwing every thing I have ever thought of into this novella I’ve been focused in my scope. I had a plan, I had the thing I wanted to accomplish.

I still haven’t cracked the code of using a detailed outline or any of the novel writing software I have at home.

And yet, I figured out how to turn off my adventure brain and focus.

I still made some strange decisions on the way but, I think when I sit down to write an actual novel I can use a lot of this experience in it.

I also am very surprised at my output. In general I did not write on weekends. When I did write on schedule I generally did between 1700-2000 words that were not in my opinion shit.

What else?

I started out trying really hard to be genre horror. I think I did not do that. This is more lit with some horror flavor? A little magical realism flavor? Slip stream?


I am also learning as the years of writing go by that I cannot force my brain into the framework of genre.

I try really hard. What ends up happening is that I write what I want to and often come out with stories that touch all over genre but never settle there. Sometimes that is a problem sometimes not.  This is problematic on many levels as some of my rejections will show.

Speaking of rejections I’ve gotten four for the month. I have 11 out now and four I expect to be rejected if not never acknowledged. I was tempted to pull two of them but I’ll let them languish.

I think that is all for right now. I want to get in more words today. I hope to cross the Nanowrimo finish line around 2 AM.

OH Wait damn.

Self promotion I am so bad at this.

A few things.

I have a piece in the print anthology from Children Churches and Daddies. Check that out here. And I have a piece in this months Scissors and Spackle. I’m told it’s a tear jerker so don’t be mad if you cry. I warned you.

I also really -really- need to update my website. I will get that done before the end of the week.

Thank you for being lovely all five no wait 9 of you who read this.

Now I am off to write a blood ritual with some heavy influence from Egypt and early Sekhmet worship.


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