I am going away.

Not literally but you should read this entry over at Pank by my friend Mensah. Here is the bit that is relevent to me today.

to write is to be away

I find it amusing when other writers habits are the near inverse of my own.

I am a late night writer. I am at my best 11 PM to about 5-6 AM.

If life were my oyster and I did not have to work for a living those would probably be my actual at home writing hours.

Oh before I move along here I should mention I finished Nanowrimo last night at about 2 AM as predicted. I am not really ready to dig through it yet. I want to let what I created sit for a while.

Back to that little quote.

To write is to be away, yes. Yes.

I realize a lot of people think writing about writing is boring I don’t. Writing about writing so often becomes some other thing entirely.

To be away.

I am away.  In some ways the only time I can be away in my actual life is when I write. I have long days full of work and commuting.

My partner and I aren’t the most social of butterflies so we don’t really go out much.

Despite my occasionally adventurous spirit, I do most of my spelunking inside my own head. I put my foot in a lot of deep dark cold puddles. I trip on piles of shit left around my brain.

It’s often a bad trip.

Bad but sometimes worth it in the end.

Right now I want to go.

I do a lot of writing while I am at work and it can be hard to return from that place to do the shit I need to do.

Today that’s going to be hard.

I want to get lost in writing tiny essays. Last night I used my smart phone for actual writing and write a tiny essay that I actually kind of really love.

I am not doing that today though. I am going to update my website, get a couple of submissions going. You know the business that Nanowrimo sucked too much of my attention to complete.

I don’t know what my point is.

I’m going away.


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