Things happened.


Weirdest couple of weeks ever.

First thing I was sick as a dog again and my partner was hospitalized for a few days. We are both all right.

So first awesome thing. The fantastic people at Junk nominated my piece that was in their zine for a Pushcart.  I have no idea if that actually means something and I’m a little freaked out but so honored.  I don’t even know what to say.

Next thing.  My very first piece of non fiction sex writing is up right now at Specter. Mensah helped me out in a huge way by doing a beautiful edit. I will say again that having an editor who does lovely things with your words is such a wonderful thing.

What else?

I am going to spend the couple of weeks before giftmas finishing up some pieces before I go on a submitting spree in January. I have a few things that are a departure for me but feel good.

I think that’s all for now.

I’ll probably do a link round up and post some interesting calls for submission later this week.


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