Author Spotlight: Remittance Girl

So my friends I decided at the end of 2011 to do some short author/artist/other people I like interviews.

The very first I am super happy to say is my dear friend Remittance Girl.

If you haven’t been reading me long let me say first that I have been a great lover of Remittance Girl’s writing.

My favorite thing that she has written is this little delicious flasher called ‘Heatsink’. I highly suggest both reading this AND listening to it because well, we know I have a thing for voices. There is something deeply special about both her voice in her writing and her actual speaking voice that speaks to me on a very deep level.

Aside from that, RG is very smart. I am so very happy that despite my usual reticence about talking to authors I really like, that I have gotten to know her.

Now here’s the interview. I as ever am SB she is RG.

SB:First tell my friends as much as you’d like to about yourself and your work.

Well, this is a bit of a difficult place to start. I’m 49 years of age. Although I was born in Canada and grew up, for the most part, in Europe, I now live and work in Vietnam. I’m a university lecturer and I write erotic fiction. I think it’s always dangerous to try and encapsulate one’s own work – you end up talking about what you wish it to be, instead of what it is. So, with that proviso in mind, I write about the human condition through the lens of erotic desire. I’m very interested in interior erotic lives, and self-revelation in erotic extremes. The biggest challenge in my work is how to use explicit language to portray authentic experiences when this language has been appropriated for commercial purposes. What I mean by this is, with the mainstreaming of pornography, a lot of the explicit language we have used to describe authentic erotic experience is now also used widely by commercial enterprises who use it to sell things. They have become the grammar of marketing. So, where does that leave erotic fiction writers?

SB: How do you like to work? Do you need your workspace to be any particular way?

Most of all, I need quiet. I don’t write with music playing, or the TV in the background. I now find it increasingly hard to write longhand, because I type much faster. So, I work on my laptop, pretty well anywhere, but with earplugs in. For some reason, visual stimulus doesn’t ruin my concentration the way sound does. I often write in quite crowded, public places, but in silence.

SB:Who are your favorite artists or authors?

I don’t really have a favourite artist. I like visual art very much, but I can’t say that I am enamoured of any single artist or their entire oeuvre. In terms of authors, I love Iain M Banks and William Gibson.

SB:Do you have any memories of the first piece of art or literature that really moved you?

I wish I could say that I did, but I really can’t remember that first instance of being moved by piece of art or literature. I have a vague recollection that the very first time I read Austen, I had that uncanny sense of reading as time travel. If I have to be honest about it, although I love reading, my most powerful experiences are setting based. I am definitely powerfully affected by place. Especially urban space with history.

SB:What makes you ridiculously happy?

SB:Do you still feel awe? If so what fills you full of it? If not, tell me

Yes, I still feel awe. Especially in the face of history made tangible in certain spaces.

SB:Free for all: Tell me something good.

I just adore the way you see things in your writing.


I hope you all like this interview and look forward to more.  I also really hope you check out RG’s work and her blog where she posts fantastic posts and has equally quality discussions.

Thank you RG for doing this. You delight me.


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