No disclosure.

I’m working on some largish things right now that I don’t want to talk about publicly yet.

Hence the title.

I do want to talk about the fact that I believe I got a new acceptance but have had a bit of a hard time contacting the editors back so I’m unsure as to what’s gonna happen.

Other things.

I’ve been dealing with (on the internets and in actual life) a lot of racist shit being said in my universe and I was trying to read some lit news earlier and I hit that Black lady fatigue wall as I call it. This is also been called by (White) psychologists Racial Battle Fatigue.

Apparently it took long studies to determine that dealing with racism for your entire life might leave you a little damaged.

What pushed me over the edge for probably the entire next two months was a “critique” of my piece over at facebook for People of Color Organize.

Essentially this woman sent me a message to say first that she “loved” the piece but felt it lacked enough “scope” which she clarified as being “exclusionary” of White People.

That sentiment encapsulates everything wrong with me this week.

Also honestly there are so many indie/alt literary things I just don’t understand at all.

I’m feeling a little uh..I don’t even know how to put it specifically more than confused and vaguely disinterested despite the fact that I think these people are maybe my potential audience.

That is why I can’t think about that sort of thing over much.

I believe that the remedy for all my ills is to duck my head, write my shit and close some of the universe out of my immediate area.

Righty right.

This has been sitting here for an hour, I had more to say but I’ll save it.

Tomorrow I’ll do a little review of the Junot Diaz book I just finished.




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