I forgot to mention.

Actually I didn’t but forget I just didn’t.

I have new work up at Foliate Oak.  Read my tiny story ‘Dog and Girl’.  A note about that story. It is one of the things I scribbled in one of my paper notebooks I don’t know when. I reworked it a tad bit and it sat in a might be closing lit mags limbo for a few months before I pulled it and sent it to Foliate Oak. I’m very glad they took it. I like it when my experiments get published.

What else?

I believe I’m going to do another edition of Wayward Words. The feedback has been amusing. Some of my author friends totally get where I was going, some have been horrified. My non writing friends thought it was lovely for the most part.

What else?

Uh some things are going on that I’m having a hard time with. Other writers, writers who’s work I admire and enjoy have been super super kind to me.

To be frank, this scares the shit fuck out of me.

I am not used to being in this position and while I am unutterably thankful I’m also nervous. It’s scary.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say exactly.

I’m still exhausted but sort of feeling better. Today I’m going to eat some fruit, write some things and try to remain calm and somewhat alert.

Here is a tidbit from one of the things I’m working on.

I learned that there are a few minutes just before sunrise happens that the air is made out of light and silence.



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